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Update, Upgrade, Function
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Exclusion of liability
The user is solely responsible for the use of this website.

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Furthermore, DELTA does not provide any explicit guarantee that the pages and contents will be provided without any interruption, errors and that errors will be fixed.

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Users have the sole responsibility to ensure, using antivirus software, that their personal computer and their files are not infected and protected from viruses or destructive programs – applications and that any virus detected is combated. In any case, users shall bear all the costs, if any, for the necessary maintenance, overhaul or repair of their computers and generally of their systems for their return to the previously normal state.

Under no circumstances is DELTA liable for the content and products or services offered on other sites or linked in any other way to the site.

Given the nature of the Internet, under no circumstances, including negligence, is DELTA liable for any kind of damage suffered by visitors/users of the websites, or customers of the services, options and contents of this website. Moreover, DELTA does not guarantee that any relevant website or servers through which they are made available to visitors/users will be uninterrupted in completeness or availability of contents, web pages, services, options or results from their use.

Exclusive liability for any damage of any kind – nature, resulting from the fact that the information on the Internet is to a certain extent secure, with the possibility of being intercepted or incorrectly sent or at the request of a third party to another e-mail address, is borne by users.

Applicable Law
This text of this website, including any amendments thereto, is governed by Greek law, European law and the relevant international conventions/treaties. If any term from this text is in conflict with the law, it ceases to have validity-per se and is abandoned by the present text of the terms of use and data protection policy without altering the rest of the content of this text. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between DELTA and visitors/users of DELTA’s websites and/or customers and binds only them. No modification of these terms of use shall be taken into account or shall form part of this agreement unless evidenced in writing and incorporated into these terms of use.

Unless otherwise specified in this website, these terms of use and the terms of DELTA’s data protection policy enter directly into force in their entirety and are accepted by DELTA’s customers and/or visitors/users of this website in their entirety and without any expressed or implied reservation, rejection, opposition or refusal.