Dεlta Genuine Greek
yogurt with Fruits!

Delicious, thick creamy authentic Greek yogurt combined with mouthwatering fruit preparations on the bottom that create the perfect solution either for breakfast or a light, tasty snack, to pick you up any time of the day.

Dεlta Fruits are good in all senses:

  • No fat and reduced sugar content result to a yogurt of few calories (around 70 kcal /100 g of yogurt)
  • High protein content (~13,5g/cup –> ~27% of daily)

In very appealing flavors:

  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Peach / Apricot
  • Cherry

Strawberry – 150g & 170g

Blueberry- 150g & 170g

Cherry – 150g & 170g

Peach-Apricot – 150g & 170g